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Why School Management system is safegusrd for schools ? There are several reasons as to why school management systems have become the latest cool quotient in the world of education.

The  Arovent School ERP  system  automates the daily activity such as online Test, Time Table, Attendance, Fees payment, etc .  A school ERP software is  becoming an important tool  for all the present day schools who want to make progress and stay safe. This system implementing latest technologies which make it easy to monitor and track student related activities which take place in the school. This ERP provides data safety .

Safety is always be the first priority for every School . Arovent School ERP fulfills all the safety needs of school and provides best safety guard software for schools. The School ERP devlopes  good relationship between Parents ,students, teachers and offers additional teaching support to students. Thus, the software helps the school in managing their school operations and hence keep your school ahead. 

It is user friendly application in which icons and fonts are clear visibility to users. The application provides many advantages to teachers, students, parents and managements. This ERP System can be used with any school , college , institution . There are twenty one modules in  Arovent School ERP . some modules are -


  • Student Information - This modules is used for all the information related to the student like profile , student admission ,student history.
  • Attendance - It is used for managing student attendance and attendance report .
  • Human Resource - All the information related to staff members can be managed here like staff search , profile ,attendance .
  • Communication - It works like a notice board basically a messaging system for communication to students , parents and teachers . 


There are many benefits of School ERP Management Software -

Advantages for School

  • High-level data security
  • Multiple Branches of school
  • Reliable and secure software
  • High-level data security
  • Complete automation of all operations
  • Single software to manage all School-related information 
  • Manage class information and analytical reports
  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students


Advantages for parents-

  • Active participation in School Activity
  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents
  • Information about school events and holidays
  • Regular availability of school update through articles image gallery and messages 
  • Reliable update on child’s attendance, progress reports, and student fee payment


Arovent gives all of items with free support and they have Dedicated Support Ticket System to handle your requests. So make your Decision and choose arvent school ERP for your school and make your school safe.

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GPS Tracking Device can track vehicles activities such as engine start-up and shut-down, speeding, idling, and other employee driving habits. To eliminate unnecessary headache, keep an eye on vehicles which are being used by employees. GPS tracking system gives full range of features for detailed monitoring of vehicles, bikes, scooters or any other type of transport.

With GPS tracking system, you can improve your entire business. This can be used in almost every business to track supply chain or even people.

The benefits of implementing a GPS tracking system extend beyond the day-to-day operations that fleet managers and drivers use the technology for, allowing you to get more from your business than you ever thought possible.

GPS Tracking system is one of the best solution in this era to grow your business, GPS tracking system track your assets, thing live and it provides all their data of assets and thing. Suppose you are running a transport or any vehicle company and you are responsible for managing a fleet of vehicle, without knowing the accurate locations of each and the every vehicle, which is not a good thing, so if you reduce operational costs and improve the productivity of your transportation business then GPS tracking system would be very good for you to keep improving your business.

 Here are some GPS features that helps to improve your business:

1. Fuel Monitoring: This feature will help the vehicle owner to monitor the fuel level of your car easily by fuel sensors integrated with GPS tracking devices.

2. Maximize vehicle utilization:- Though this feature you can utilize the idle time of your vehicle, reduce the over the speed of your vehicle, and decrease the fuel consumption.

3. Alert Notification:- This feature will give alert to the vehicle owner, like vehicle over speed alert start of the day alert, route deviation alert, and excessive stoppage alert.

4. Efficient Routing:- With GPS tracking’s live map feature, the management can easily pick up and assign the most efficient routes for your fleet on the map. In case there’s an important update on traffic or road situation, your team can make use of the system’s two-way communication to relay instructions to the driver without them taking their hands off the stirring wheel and eyes on the road.

5. Providing Safety:- Monitoring fleets and driver performance is one of the many ways to improve business using GPS. Such devices can be used for monitoring fleet and recording driver performance on the road such as speeding, hard-braking, and other harmful employee driving behaviors. The management can use this data to take necessary actions to reduce insurance claims and improve driver performance and safety.

 Contact us and we will provide all needed details to get into GPS tracking and start using GPS tracking system benefits today.



ERP System

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning or also known as enterprise resource planner in general ERP is refered as to as a category of business management software.Typically it is a suite of integrated modules that an organization can use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from there multiple business activities.These modules communicate with each other via using a standard data base , which it uses to compliment with various task and services.



There are many advantages to implementing an ERP software system. Here are some common benefits :- 

  • Efficiency – An ERP system eliminates repetitive processes, and greatly reduces the need to manually enter information. The system will also streamline business processes, and makes it easier and more efficient for companies to collect data.
  • Integrated Information – Instead of having data distributed throughout a number of separate databases, all information is now stored in a single location. Data is also kept consistent and up to date.
  • Reporting – ERP software helps make reporting easier and more customizable. With improved reporting capabilities, your company can respond to complex data requests more easily. Users can also run their own reports without relying on help from IT.
  • Customer Service – It’s easier to provide high-quality customer service using an ERP system.  Sales and customer service people can interact with customers better and improve relationships with them, through faster, more accurate access to customers’ information and history.
  • Security – A new system will improve the accuracy, consistency, and security of data. Restrictions to data can also be enhanced.

Arovent SAP ERP is a supply chain management, product lifecycle management, human capital management, financial management and customer relationship management solution, all rolled into one. The product can be deployed via cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid model, which gives users the benefits of both. The vendor also has an extensive network of partners that provide customers with integration and customization services.


Some Features of SAP ERP :-


Procure to Pay

When properly managed, procurement can drive your sales and make your business more competitive. SAP ERP can help you manage such process by being able to identify the lowest-cost supplier while ensuring that your business complies with all regulations. It covers all procurement processes, which include requisition, invoicing, and payments.

Core Finance

As SAP ERP doubles as a financial management tool, it has all the accounting features that you’ll ever need. It consolidates all your business’ financial information into a general ledger.

Plan to Product

If you are a manufacturer, you can directly link production schedules to the procurement and ordering process. With this feature, you are always aware of what you need for your production process and how much are needed, doing away with the risk of overstocking or understocking. 

Core Human Resources

As an HR management solution, SAP ERP helps you manage that which is the most vital of your resources–your workers. It helps in managing business growth while keeping staff engagement and satisfaction at a maximum through centralized HR management and flexible payroll capabilities.



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