How School ERP is Safeguard for you School

Why School Management system is safegusrd for schools ? There are several reasons as to why school management systems have become the latest cool quotient in the world of education.

The  Arovent School ERP  system  automates the daily activity such as online Test, Time Table, Attendance, Fees payment, etc .  A school ERP software is  becoming an important tool  for all the present day schools who want to make progress and stay safe. This system implementing latest technologies which make it easy to monitor and track student related activities which take place in the school. This ERP provides data safety .

Safety is always be the first priority for every School . Arovent School ERP fulfills all the safety needs of school and provides best safety guard software for schools. The School ERP devlopes  good relationship between Parents ,students, teachers and offers additional teaching support to students. Thus, the software helps the school in managing their school operations and hence keep your school ahead. 

It is user friendly application in which icons and fonts are clear visibility to users. The application provides many advantages to teachers, students, parents and managements. This ERP System can be used with any school , college , institution . There are twenty one modules in  Arovent School ERP . some modules are -


  • Student Information - This modules is used for all the information related to the student like profile , student admission ,student history.
  • Attendance - It is used for managing student attendance and attendance report .
  • Human Resource - All the information related to staff members can be managed here like staff search , profile ,attendance .
  • Communication - It works like a notice board basically a messaging system for communication to students , parents and teachers . 


There are many benefits of School ERP Management Software -

Advantages for School

  • High-level data security
  • Multiple Branches of school
  • Reliable and secure software
  • High-level data security
  • Complete automation of all operations
  • Single software to manage all School-related information 
  • Manage class information and analytical reports
  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students


Advantages for parents-

  • Active participation in School Activity
  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents
  • Information about school events and holidays
  • Regular availability of school update through articles image gallery and messages 
  • Reliable update on child’s attendance, progress reports, and student fee payment


Arovent gives all of items with free support and they have Dedicated Support Ticket System to handle your requests. So make your Decision and choose arvent school ERP for your school and make your school safe.

!! If you have any query related to ERP then contact Arovent Technologies !!  If you are worry abou your vehicle safety then check ARO GPS by Arovent