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Arovent GPS Tracking Platform

A GPS Tracking Platform Reliable. Scalable. Secure

Be an empowered entrepreneur with a GPS tracking device that helps you manage vehicles in your vehicle. Arovent's powerful technology can help you keep track of your vehicles and monitor assets, not to mention give you peace of mind thanks to its real-time analytics and reporting feature. The small piece of technology enables companies to make better planning decisions — letting you save as much as 30% on overhead costs alone and encourage you to spend less, without compromising customer satisfaction.

 Arovent GPS services is proudly presented to you by Arovent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It’s one of ambitious products developed ,in keeping current market in consideration. With it is now possible to keep track of all your vehicles and Fleets or Personal’s. Whether they are personal or official vehicle ,with the help of a Arovent GPS Services all your assets are tracked and traced with touch of your finger tips.

Our service is lead by the team of Energetic and experienced young technical professionals who provide the best quality service. Our existing customers are full satisfied with our service. 

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Features Include : 

  • Real Time Location Tracking.
  • Driver Behavior.
  • Reporting.
  • Custom Alerts & Notifications.
  • Web and App Interfaces
  • User Friendly
  • 24/7 Service
  • Reports and History
  • Anywhere Anytime Access
  • Geo Fencing


A World Leading Vehicle Tracking Platform

The Arovent GPS device is even more advanced than you imagined. It's engineered to plug directly into your vehicle's OBD II port, provide in-vehicle driver coaching, and ultra-accurate recording. ”. “Simple, Universal, & Powerful” Security First Principle “To protect our customers and partners, Arovent constantly reviews, evolves, and improves our security mechanisms and processes. As we expand into more regions and markets, Arovent will continue to take a rigorous approach to protecting our customers' valuable data.





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