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SAP ERP is a supply chain management, product lifecycle management, human capital management, financial management and customer relationship management solution, all rolled into one.


The product can be deployed via cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid model, which gives users the benefits of both. The vendor also has an extensive network of partners that provide customers with integration and customization services.



SAP ERP boasts a customer base of 172,000 businesses worldwide. With the solution, you get to have access to vital applications, analytical tools and data that can greatly help you streamline your processes and help organizations become more competitive. You also get to enjoy full web-enabled support from the vendor and are assured of access to all features and functionalities wherever you are.

SAP ERP helps you effectively manage your whole organization, including tasks that range from product planning to general ledger reports. It is virtually a one-size-fits-all solution, catering to any business size and type. It is highly-scalable that you will never outgrow it. You need only pay for the ERP modules you need. You can add more users and functionality as your needs change.




Benefits of ERP systems


ERP offers a plethora of benefits, most of which come from information sharing and standardization. Because ERP components can share data more easily than disparate systems, they can make cross-departmental business processes easier to manage on a daily basis. They can also enable better insights from data, especially with the newer technologies that many ERP systems are including, such as powerful analytics, machine learning and industrial IoT capabilities.

Higher productivity : Streamline and automate your core business processes to help everyone in your organisation do more with fewer resources.

Better insights :  Eliminate information silos, gain a single source of

truth, and get fast answers to mission-critical business questions.

Accelerated reporting : Fast-track business and financial reporting and easily share results. Act on insights and improve performance in real time.

Lower risk :  Maximise business visibility and control, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements – and predict and prevent risk.

Simpler IT :  By using integrated ERP applications that share a database, you can simplify IT and give everyone an easier way to work.







Our SAP ERP Features


Procure to Pay

When properly managed, procurement can drive your sales and make your business more competitive. SAP ERP can help you manage such process by being able to identify the lowest-cost supplier while ensuring that your business complies with all regulations. It covers all procurement processes, which include requisition, invoicing, and payments. It likewise coordinates inventory levels among different storage locations and is able to consolidate your shipping needs. The solution also allows you to establish strong relationships with the best providers around.



Core Finance

As SAP ERP doubles as a financial management tool, it has all the accounting features that you’ll ever need. It consolidates all your business’ financial information into a general ledger. Using the software, you can be assured of accurate and timely financial reporting. Data collected by the platform are readily accessible for use in reporting and analytics. They can be viewed in real time through the product’s dashboards. You can likewise compare costs against revenue using this functionality.



Plan to Product

If you are a manufacturer, you can directly link production schedules to the procurement and ordering process. With this feature, you are always aware of what you need for your production process and how much are needed, doing away with the risk of overstocking or understocking. Such applies to any business size, be it a local shop or a multinational company. 

This functionality provides you with access to tools that can help you better understand your manufacturing process and come up with ways to boost efficiencies, cut production time and create quality assurance programs. You can identify problematic areas on the factory floor and formulate ways by which to improve them.



Core Human Resources

As an HR management solution, SAP ERP helps you manage that which is the most vital of your resources–your workers. It helps in managing business growth while keeping staff engagement and satisfaction at a maximum through centralized HR management and flexible payroll capabilities. You can likewise coordinate HR functions, providing managers with web-enabled access to the solution.

SAP ERP can also manage employee time and attendance, which both staff and managers can access through the Web. This feature can greatly benefit workers, giving them ample time to manage extremely important life events. Requests can be approved through the HR portal provided, leading to improved worker satisfaction. You also get support for recruiting, onboarding, administration, professional development, and promotion.


Technical Capabilities

SAP ERP has a number of technical features that can greatly benefit your organization. Its applications are some of the best of their kind as they are built around the solutions integrations. You are likewise able to take advantage of add-on cloud modules that can integrate with the software, such are easily installed and can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Aside from these, the platform’s real time analytics can be accessed at any given time and are known to provide only reliable ERP data. Meanwhile, the products database and technology provide you with the necessary tools, standards and flexibility that make ERP management a less tedious task.



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