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Human Resource Managements

Human Resource Management is the process of recruiting, selecting, inducting employees, providing orientation, imparting training and development, appraising the performance of employees, deciding compensation and providing benefits, motivating employees, maintaining proper relations with employees and their trade unions, ensuring employees safety, welfare and healthy measures in compliance with labour laws of the land


Human Resource Management involves management functions like planning, organizing, directing and controlling

  • It involves procurement, development, maintenance of human resource
  • It helps to achieve individual, organizational and social objectives
  • Human Resource Management is a multidisciplinary subject. It includes the study of management, psychology, communication, economics and sociology.
  • It involves team spirit and team work.
  • It is a continuous process.


Human resource management as a department in an organisation handles all aspects of employees and has various functions like  human resource planning, Conducting Job analysis, recruitment and conducting job interviews, selection of human resources, Orienting , training, compensating,Providing benefits and incentives, appraising, retaining, Career planning, Quality of Work Life, Employee Discipline,  black out Sexual Harassment, human resource auditing, maintenance of industrial relationship, looking after welfare of employees and safety issues, communicating with all employees at all levels and maintaining awareness of and compliance with local, state and federal labor laws.


Importance of Human resource

Behind production of every product or service there is an human mind, effort and man hours (working hours). No product or service can be produced without help of human being. Human being is fundamental resource for making or construction of anything. Every organisation desire is to have skilled and competent people to make their organisation competent and best. 

Among the five Ms of management, i.e., men, money, machines, materials, and methods, HRM deals about the first M, which is men. It is believed that in the five Ms, "men" is  not so easy to manage. "every man is different from other" and they are totally different from the other Ms in the sense that men possess the power to manipulate the other Ms. Whereas, the other Ms are either lifeless or abstract and as such, do not have the power to think and decide what is good for them. 

Some of the features of Our HRM Software 

Easy Configure Application: Simple yet powerful application which is highly configurable. Configure our software according to your needs.

Leave Management: Create and maintain records of the leaves of your organization. Easily get the details of leaves taken and leaves left details.

Employee Management: Manage all the information, documents, experience details, etc. All the data is stored on our cloud server and are easily accessible on your dashboard.

Payroll Managment: Our HRM software automatically generate payslips for you. The details of each payment is also available in employee dashboard.

Attendance Management: Connect all your braches with in your organization and get the detailed attendance reports.

Appraisal Management: Streamline appraisals and competency assessments and help align individual aims with organisational goals.