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What is Manufacturing Management ? 

Manufacturing Management means planning , organising , directing and controlling of production activities . Manufacturing Management is a method use to define how products are to be manufactured from its production to its delivery . It deals with converting raw material into finished goods or products . It brings together men , money, machines , materials , methods and markets to satisfy the wants of people.


This management helps the business or firm to achieve all its objectives. It stores details of all goods from raw material to fine product in the market .It helps the firm to expand and grow. Using this management you can generate report and history of the production. 








FEATURES of Manufacturing Management : 

  • Customer Service & Order Management
  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling 
  • Production Control
  • Materials & Inventory Management
  • Financial Management & Analytics
  • Document Management 
  • Multi-Plant / Site Operations
  • Sales Management
  • e-Commerce Portals

The Benefits of Manufacturing Management :

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Plan and schedule order by order
  • Increase manufacturing speed and accuracy
  • Minimize error-prone manual steps
  • Deliver orders on time
  • Reduce inventory levels and shortages
  • Deliver critical information quickly to make better decisions