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The internet taking over the world and the ever-expanding globalization, exams and assessments have gone online replacing the old pen and paper format. The online open source exam software is highly secure and less prone to partial evaluation which might arise during manual correction.

It makes the examiner’s job easier as evaluation and result generation are all automated. It also saves the user from traveling long distances to give an exam. There are platforms which let the students take the exam from the comforts of their home.

It enables simultaneous conduction of exams throughout the country and also the world. The online examination software provides a comprehensive platform for the students to evaluate themselves by generating results and reports.





Listed below are some of the top performing open source exam software:


Arovent is an online examination software portal based out of Dwarka, New Delhi. It is an examination software that provides services for schools, colleges, and corporate.

The schools and college programs provided by this portal are highly reliable, customizable and easy to use. It has two kinds of users – admin and normal users. The admin who is usually teachers and lecturers can add questions, add multiple users via their email id and can provide or deny access to the tests.

Users can get instant test results and have the flexibility to set their start and finish date according to their comfort. A varied number of question types can be added like multiple choice, essay, short answers and more. It also offers pre-employment testing, training and assessment for its corporate clients.




· Instant generation of test results.

· Tests and data are highly protected and safe.

· Data can be backed up every 30 minutes.

· Easy navigation to specific questions.