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The fees and accounting part in the collage / university software has student fees management system and partial accounting. It is now fully integrated with Cookbooks for accounting purpose. Students and companies that is customers, invoices and receipts can be synced across the software. It can be linked with most of the accounting packages for export of data. 

This module helps you in fee collection management and also invoicing the students. Ifnoss collage fees collection / billing automation software is suitable for educational institutions like universities, collages, with multi campus. 
It gives you the flexibility in designing fees structures. Invoices can be created for students, their next of kin or the companies who sponsor them.




       Manage Fee
  • Setup fee applicable
  • Create Invoices
  • Add receipts
  • Add fee concession / scholarship
  • View Student
    • Fee submitted / Fee not submitted
    • Fine / Discount
       Manage Accounts
  • Add Journal / contra entries
  • Create debit notes / credit notes
  • Manage payments