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Stay organized by having all your Staff data at your fingertips with Arovent Staff management system. You can easily access the required data, as it is readily available on our cloud based Staff management software. Your HR does not have to hop through multiple files and spreadsheets thereby saving them substantial amount of time.

Staff & Employee Management System Software module helps to manage all the information about their employees along with employee’s leave and salary. With a single click, the employee details can be extracted in AroERP. This module keeps detailed information about staff like photographs, qualification, and experience, any references, salary, address, contact information, marital status, maintain attendance details of staff. This software has the facility to track and analyze the performance of staff. This software also prepares essential reports like staff details, academic performance report, staff attendance details, attendance register.

Keep your employees productive by appreciating their hard work. When you hire employees, you pay them for their dedication and efforts. However, paying them correctly and on time is also important. Our Staff management software helps you with this critical task and makes payroll computation easy. It helps you pay your staff on time.

Following are some benefits mentioned about the staff management module:

  1. This module helps to maintain staff leaves with accuracy.
  2. It is easy and simple way to generate employee’s identity card
  3. Staff management also manages the details for ex-employees and employees who have transferred.
  4. This module also manages teacher’s syllabus with date, subject, chapter, and status.
  5. Calculation of staff salary, pay slips, deductions, allowances, PF, leave reports, etc.
  6. This software helps in the development of staff and work for their work allocation.
  7. This module helps to maintain data easily and it also provides facility to export staff data in multiple formats.
  8. This module ensures accuracy in payroll calculation and reduces times in preparing worksheet.