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SAP Development Service in Delhi NCR



SAP is a German company. It builds a lot of things, but basically it’s an ecosystem built around their main product, the SAP ERP.

You don’t hear much about SAP, even if it’s the 3rd software company in the world (after Microsoft and Oracle) because they don’t build consumer software. The SAP ERP is a software aimed for medium and big companies.

This software (the ERP) allows a company to record and manage all their activity (purchasing, sales,human resources, maintenance, production, finance etc.)

  • to the inventory management module, so that other people know that the product is available in stock and they can use it.
  • to the accounting, to increase the balance of inventory (and show a debt to the vendor).
  • to the controlling, to show that there are some costs in the company etc.


People working with SAP are two flavors:

  • consultants - those are people who know the business well (like accounting, or warehouse management, sales, whatever) and know what are the capabilities of SAP in that area, and how it can be configured to fit the particular requirements of each business. They are the translators between the business side and the technical side.


  • programmers - SAP is built on top of a database platform, and everything is written in a custom, interpreted language called ABAP. Programmers receive functional descriptions from the consultants and build programs. When you are talking about “developers” I guess you are talking about those guys, the ABAP developers.


How is that different from a typical software engineer? It’s much more business-related, and less algorithm intensive. You have to have at least a basic understanding about the business, a good understanding of the tables used by SAP, a good understanding about the ABAP language and concepts. The tasks are related to data processing - read data, process it in some way, and put in on the screen or in another table. Which can be trivial or extremely complex (think about gathering data from several modules of SAP and managing hundreds of possible scenarios of data postings).

It’s true that the SAP consultants are well paid. SAP developers too, but not quite “huge money”. For big companies, the ERP is a critical infrastructure, so the consultants have a huge responsibility as an issue in ERP can mean millions in losses.



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