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SAP Funds Management (FM) Software in Delhi NCR



The functions in this component support you in creating and executing budgets. The purpose of Funds Management is to budget all revenues and expenditures for individual areas of responsibility, to control future funds transactions in accordance with the distributed budget, and to stop the budget being exceeded. You can adapt the budget to changes in conditions by entering releases, supplements, returns, and transfers.





Implementation Considerations

The component Funds Management cannot be used simultaneously with the application component Project Cash Management if you are using year-dependent master data in Funds Management.

If you want to use Funds Management simultaneously with Project Cash Management , Project Cash Management can only process ten-digit commitment items.



Funds Management is fully integrated with other components of the SAP System, especially with the Budget Control System (BCS). The components that are integrated depend on the specific requirements of your organization. A basic requirement for the use of Funds Management is integration with the General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL) component.

Integrating the components Materials Management and Funds Management means that you can reproduce and monitor a procurement transaction from the purchase requisition through to the invoice for example.

Integration also ensures that all the data you need for budget execution is available in Funds Management without additional data entry.

For detailed information on the data from other components that can be updated in Funds Management, read Recording Actual and Commitment.



Funds Management enables you to:

  • Control revenues and expenditures and thus control the funding of business transactions of an organization.

  • Closely control your budget, with the following questions in mind:

    • What funds will the areas of responsibility receive?

    • Where do these funds come from (source of funds)?

    • What are the funds used for? (use of funds)

  • Control the finances of your organization by comparing commitment and actual values with current budget values.


Configuring Funds Management

For the purpose of installing or upgrading a system, or changing releases for the Funds Management component and all other SAP components, the system includes an Implementation Guide (IMG) which is available online.

Some of the definitions that you can make using the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Funds Management include settings for master data, actual and commitment updates, or budgeting.

You enter the system settings using Customizing Projects , that you must create using the Customizing menu. You can do this in the SAP standard menu, under Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Customizing Next navigation step IMG Next navigation step Project Management End of the navigation path .If you choose SAP Reference IMG, you can see all the implementation guides available in the SAP system that are divided in the same way as the application components. These application components display all applications and functions the SAP Reference IMG has to offer.