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Business intelligence (BI) is an application used for giving meaning to raw data that an organization has. The raw data is cleansed, stored and applied with business logics to be useful for enterprise users to make better business decisions. This data can be presented in the form of reports and can be displayed in the form of tables, charts etc. which is efficient and easier to analyses and make business decisions.

During all business activities, companies create data about customers, suppliers and internal activities. Based on these data’s, employees of various departments like HR, Finance, Accounting, Marketing etc. prepare their work plan.


Business Intelligence spans a varied set of toolset, of which the Data Ware House consolidates and loads the data from the different Source Systems, while reporting tools like Query Designer, Web Application Designer, and Analyzer are majorly used to create reports which display the data consolidated by the Data warehouse for analyzing purpose.

Business Intelligence is a SAP product which majorly focuses on providing its customers/organizations with a user friendly and very useful form of representing data that could be helpful for analyses purpose and making business decisions.



SAP BI/BW Architecture

Database Server: Where data is physically stored (ODS, PSA, Infocube and metadata repository).

Application Server: The application server is based on the OLAP processor. It is used to retrieve data stored in the database server.

Presentation Server: Manages reporting and data access.

  1. Data is extracted from the Source Systems.
  2. Data is staged at the Persistent Storage Area (PSA). This holds Source like data.
  3. Data is cleansed, loaded and stored in Data Store Object.
  4. Data is viewed at multiple dimensions in the Infocube.
  5. Data is available by the OLAP processor to the Business Explorer to display data as per Analysis requirements of the Business.
  6. Data can be made available to SAP/Non-SAP, Data Marts by the Open Hub Service.( InfoSpoke).